New Ilford 1994

1905 Supt Pryke, Dalston.

A young Bryn Elliott with a copy of his own title "A Peeler's Progress" in 1985.

Bryn Elliott in 1986

 Bryn Elliott 2013.


Bryn Elliott

This site is not about Bryn Elliott it is about researches undertaken by him but you may want to know what led to its creation.

Sufficient to say that Bryn has a love of history and to a degree Genealogy - at least there is an understanding about the desire for people to investigate their past and perhaps some will find information here that assists in their own family history researches –but virtually nothing about Elliott genealogy.

Bryn was born over six decades ago and therefore enjoyed witnessing some of modern history unfolding. Although born into a Royal Air Force family he chose a different path and the result of all his web sites is therefore a mix involving a love of aviation and policing, largely unique and relatively modern.

A few years in industry and central government were followed by over 30 years in the Metropolitan Police and further decades in writing, publishing, museums and street markets. What you will find here is the feedback from a collector of information not artefacts. The visitor will need to view the artefacts already donated to deserving museums at North Weald Airfield [aviation] and Epping Forest District [as the Waltham Abbey Police Historical Collection]. They have usually been copied and recorded. Within these pages you will find words and images from those museum collections but they may be in store.

Back to the present. Bryn is the local market manager for Waltham Abbey and a Trustee for The North Weald Airfield Museum. He is also the Proprietor, editor and publisher of PAR (Police Aviation Research, PAN (Police Aviation News) and Pavcon (Police Aviation Conference). Bryn, along with his team also produce the yearly Police Aviation Conference held in different locations within Europe.

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